“Love really does change everything!”

“Love really does change everything!”

I’m all about LOVE.

I can’t help but see every soul I meet through the rose- colored lens of love. But don’t get the idea that I’m a pushover. I’ve got plenty of mettle and moxie, too. My work for the last fourteen years as a choir director in a maximum security prison has grown a warrior a volunteer choir director in a maximum security prison and and mission who’s driven to unearth the potential in every life I encounter. powerhouse of positive energy who's discovered how to be brave in re-framing her vision of herself and the world around her.  Tina fills a room with approachable warmth all while delivering a challenge to her audience.  This is a woman on the rise - standing fully in her purpose.

Here’s the official business lingo:

BIO: Tina Soloman has been professionally speaking and singing to audiences since she was a teenager. A natural on stage, she brings her authentic self into every environment - from an auditorium with bright lights or into the walls of a prison filled with felons. 

As a certified Radical Self-Love Coach, Tina leads her clients on a journey to see themselves through the eyes of acceptance and liberate themselves from negative and limiting beliefs. Tina knows that from the soil of love for our sacred selves the best lives grow.

For the last 14 years, Tina has directed a choir of inmates at The Tennessee Prison for Women.  She considers these women to be her greatest teachers. The Voices of Freedom Choir will be featured in the upcoming documentary film, Tuesdays at Six, directed by twelve time EMMY winner, Mike Edwards of 5 Stones Group.

An accomplished singer, Tina has recorded several albums in the faith and jazz genre.  In 2005, Tina founded the nonprofit organization Holding Out Hope, which serves what many consider to be the lowest members of our society, the incarcerated.  From 2006 - 2010 her scripts were included in five consecutive children's musicals.  In 2014, Tina Hutchison wrote and performed the signature song "I Remember" for the EMMY Award Winning film, Searching for Augusta.

In 2014 Tina was interviewed by Diane Sawyer and her choir, Voices of Freedom, was featured in the ABC 20/20 special A Nation of Women Behind Bars

Tina Soloman makes her home in the Nashville area.  She is mother to three sons and one unique dog named Jake.